Friends of Irina Ponarovskaya sounded the alarm over her disappearance

Друзья Ирины Понаровской забили тревогу из-за ее исчезновения According to friends of the popular singer, she does not get in touch with them. The past few years, Irina Ponarovskaya does not appear in the light and rarely speaks. In addition, the star, according to her colleagues in show business, limited their circle of friends.
Друзья Ирины Понаровской забили тревогу из-за ее исчезновения

About one of the most elegant singers of the Russian stage in recent years, almost unheard of. 64-year-old Irina Ponarovskaya likes to communicate with journalists to share details of his personal life. A few years ago, the actress was tired of public scrutiny and limited their appearances. Correspondents have decided to learn from friends of the singer about what she’s doing now.

According to people’s artist of Georgia AI Ninidze, Irina Ponarovskaya not go with her. The akris also noted that the famous singer has limited his social circle. Many friends of the singer long time no see her.

“Ira never appears. I can’t even see it. Many of her friends too. Don’t know what has caused the disappearance of the Ira. This is a very mysterious story,” said Iya Borisovna.

Aziza put forward their version of why Irina Ponarovskaya decided to stop flickering in the light. She thinks Irina Ponarovskaya tired of living in constant expectation. And recently the singer has suggested her colleague in show business, began to receive significantly less different offers.

“I remember many years ago, we were discussing with Irina, why some talented actors little to involve in projects – shared Aziz. And Ira told me: “You know, I’m always working on myself: doing sports, doing Facials, watching my weight, because I know that at any time can call, to invite…” do Not exclude that calls to her became less.”

Perhaps Ponarovskaya met a new love. Friends of the artist do not exclude that the elect Irina was one of the reasons why she disappeared from the screens. “Lucky the man who is now beside her, she is a very kind man”, says Aziz.

At the same time, the girlfriend of the famous singer, performing hits “I don’t want”, “Ryabinovie busy” and “Forgive me,” sure she’s not sitting idle. Friend Ponarovskaya don’t believe in her “seclusion”. According to them, the woman continues to speak, but goes on stage very rarely.

“I know that dedicated listeners are invited, and Irene sometimes comes to visit them for the holidays for a very decent reward. If the artist isn’t shown on TV, it does not mean that he ceased to speak. Plus the Ira from time to time does something as a fashion designer. She has excellent taste,” says Aziz.

In June, media reported that Irina Ponarovskaya live in Saint-Petersburg. As said concert Director Leroy Tuvina, the singer often goes to exhibitions and devotes much time to his family. During a recent conversation with journalists the representative of the singer said that the rumors about emigration Irina, circulating the last few years, not true. “Ponarovskaya – an international artist who can afford to have housing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Estonia”, – quotes Tubino “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.