Polina Gagarina no longer believes in friendship

Полина Гагарина больше не верит в дружбу
The singer talked about his new job.

Полина Гагарина больше не верит в дружбу

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Press service

Polina Gagarina fulfilled his lifelong
dream singer sounded negative character, giving your voice the unicorn
The storm in the first full-length cartoon about six magical ponies “My Little
Pony. “I’ve been wanting to voice
the villain — I was offered a lot of positive characters — shared
Gagarin. — Finally turned “off”! My character Storm because of a freak accident
case broke her horn lost its magic. Betrayed her friends so she no longer
believes in friendship. She was disappointed and angry, the King helps Storm to create
its black case. Whether the Storm will stand in the way of correction? Learn only in the movies!
(Laughs) I was very happy to work on this image, I was wondering and
fun! Become a part of the universe of My Little Pony, beloved by millions
fans, responsible and very nice!”

This project also took
the participation of Sergey Lazarev, the voice of the mischievous cat. “I instantly liked
the nature of my character — says the artist. — I first voiced this
ambiguous character. His name Tricky Tail, he is a con man. I won’t tell
the plot, but initially he tries the poor pony to cheat, to sell, to deceive. Due
their benefits to cover the debts. But in the end Sly and the Tail binds to
a pony that starts to help them and save them. So this character is like
positive and negative qualities. More positive, he
corrected in the course of history. It was fun to “transform”! Now we
together with the son waiting for the release of the cartoon movie””.

In the cartoon
I can do without the songs, the soundtrack was recorded by pop diva Sia, it can be seen “in
the role of” one of the ponies she turned into a beautiful Serenade, a pony with
recognizable hairstyle and a magnificent voice. Serenade celebrates the magic of friendship and
kindness. Polina Gagarin and Sergey Lazarev also
prepared a surprise for their fans: the actors have recorded a Russian version
songs, sounded in the cartoon.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Press service