Victoria Dayneko celebrated the birthday of his daughter

Виктория Дайнеко отпраздновала день рождения дочери
The little girl turned two years.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Instagram

Cheryl Cole celebrates the birthday of his daughter. Today
the little girl turned two years. In honor of this event, the singer shared a rare
archival photo where she is captured a few hours before birth.

“Happy and very swollen and the ball flies to the meeting
with their Universe — smiling star. — Exactly
at the same time 2 years ago! It’s that happiness can withstand any
test, the main thing is to be there always and everywhere! Yay! My baby is already 2 years. Thank You kind people for your congratulations! We are really pleased!” However, subscribers microblog Victoria, of course, waited for today’s events it will show a picture of a little girl.
But this did not happen. The artist adheres to very strict rules: it is not just
said he did not want to show the daughter to strangers. Moreover, until now, no one but the closest Victoria knows
even the name of the child.

“Sometimes I’m just a mom and a girl who is not to blame for profession mom”,
— Victoria said. In this case, the star likes to talk about it. In
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 days” singer admitted that by the nature of
very little similar to itself, the same kind and sweet. Dayneko already
found the child has certain tendencies and plans to give the baby when she is a little older, the ballet school. “She loves the cartoon about a ballerina, beautifully puts the pen and
raises the leg. I feel she likes it,” said Victoria
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 days”.