Polina Gagarina made my mom a gorgeous gift

Полина Гагарина сделала маме шикарный подарок
The singer took his mother to the fashion ballet.

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarina for the first time published in the coming year. The singer left little daughter MIA and his elder son Andrica husband, Dmitry Iskhakov, and she went to the ballet! But not alone, but with his beloved mother, Catherine Muchkaev. Mother and daughter had long planned to go to the Bolshoi theater. Where to go during the holiday season? Of course, the legendary “Nutcracker”! Both ladies were left in complete awe of what is happening on stage. After the presentation, they even took pictures with some characters. As it turned out, the choice on the ballet as a leisure activities was not accidental.

“My mother is a dancer — said Gagarin fans. — I believe that ballet is divinely beautiful, and I know that it is hard work! And Tchaikovsky’s music? Unless it can not touch the heart of a normal person?”

By the way, good seats at “the Nutcracker” in the Grand sold out for many months prior to submission. “Normal” tickets cost from 13 thousand rubles. Tickets in the stalls at the moment you can only buy from dealers for the fabulous price.

The singer knew in advance that this new year she will spend in Moscow, so I attended to the gift for a beloved mother in advance. And, of course, was her company, despite the fact that new year’s eve managed much cold. Because of illness, many plans have been frustrated.

“I don’t eat Olivier, because I lost my sense of taste and smell and I don’t feel this divine taste jokes Gagarin. — But now you can lie with a clear conscience and nothing to do but watch movies that I have wanted to see for years. For Example, “Arrhythmia”!”