The most popular channel in the New year

Назван самый популярный телеканал в Новый год
Viewers still want to watch “Irony of fate or With light steam”.

Photo: still from the film

In this New year, the First channel first showed the legendary film of Eldar Ryazanov “Irony of fate or With light steam”. And it was a strategic mistake of the guide channel. According to the data published by Mediascope, the main “button” in the country “lost”the channel “Russia-1” rating on 31 December just because “twist of fate”.

At first the ratings in 2018 for essential festive day (from 5 am of December 31 to 5 am on 1 January), the audience of “Russia-1” amounted to more than 3.2 million people, 200 thousand more than the First channel. Also provided statistics for the last New year. Then the First channel showed “Irony of fate” and “has overtaken” the second “button” on almost 500 thousand people audience.

By the way, the new year show the First and “Russia-1” are on a level — 22 hours 31 December to 2am 1 January the of TV watched about the same amount of people. And incidentally, they are the undisputed leaders in the audience.

In third place on the first entered channel TNT with its traditional show-karaoke new year’s edition of the project “Once in Russia”. It looked this festive night, more than 2.5 million people.