Полина Гагарина зажгла в самолете Before the New year, the singer works a lot. For a day and a half she has had several appearances, concerts in different cities of our country. Returning home, the singer had arranged a room for passengers in the economy class on the plane.

Before the New year, the artists work hard. Shooting in festive gear, performances at corporate events and concerts going until December 31. Many artists believe that if they celebrate the holiday on stage, the entire year will demand. Polina Gagarina also works a lot in the end of December. Despite the fact that in April the singer became a mother for the second time, she continues to work.

Polina Gagarina shared their first photos with newborn baby

On his page on Instagram Polina told the fans that for a day and a half she had four flights. And, finally, when she was heading home already, we decided to arrange for passengers in the economy class mini-concert. Pauline went to the salon and to the accompaniment of guitars congratulated everybody – sing “In the forest tree was born”.

“We flew so now the aircraft named after Rimsky-Korsakov and decided that Rimsky – Korsakov has blessed us congratulate dear passengers happy. Definitely say that the mood of the people of the new year ! Everyone sang and rejoiced, and we are the artists for this is that “laughter and joy we bring to people”, – has signed a video of Polina.

Members supported the artist. “Cool idea! Closer to the people, heartier”, “wow! Let the rest of our stars take the example”, “that’s You done. For that respect. And you with coming new year,” commented Polina fans.

Expiring 2017 for Gagarin became really happy. It is not only the second time became a mother, but quickly returned to previous form and again began to speak. The first concert of Polina Gagarina gave in two weeks after birth, and in October she surprised the Grand solo show in the Kremlin. And finished this year of Gagarin new surprise, releasing a video for the song “Disarmed”, which appeared in a Frank manner.