Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Кохно мечтает о детях The novel stars of the reality show by Ilya Habarovym is developing rapidly. Maria Kohno admitted that he wants to become a mother in 2018. Fans supported the idea of the girl and wished her happiness with a new lover.

After retiring from the project “Dom-2” Maria Kohno continues to take an active part in the lives of their comrades in telestroke. On the set of one of the Christmas programs she began a relationship with another participant of the show by Ilya Habarovym. Apparently, the lovers are determined and already thinking about having children. This was reported by the girl herself on Instagram.

“I wish this year all only happiness, warm nights, more embedded in these nights of children, including myself. Long overdue is still not a girl already. And of course, all the infinite creative impulse, flights to warm countries and always reliable hand next,” she congratulated members with the upcoming holidays.

Also, she shared a touching video by Ilya Habarovym. The man gently embracing his lover and literally carries her in his arms. In social networks stars “House-2” often appear pictures, but not all fans of the show believe in the sincerity of their feelings. Many believe that with this novel, Mary is just trying to attract attention.

The girl grieved at the departure of “House-2” and has been repeatedly recognized that it is ready to return to the project. For several weeks she hung out with Dmitry Dmitrenko and supported him after the scandalous parting with Olga Rapunzel. Fans were sure that Mary was in love, but in the end the young man uvernulsya to pregnant wife.

She Kohno still hopes to find happiness in his personal life. The girl was once married, but that relationship eventually ended in divorce. Apparently, Mary is now happy with llya Habarovym. The man showering her with gifts and flowers.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Kohno: “When my husband left, I stopped eating to escape”

Fans supported the star of “House-2” in her desire to have children. “You’ll be a great mom. Yes, and a couple of wonderful”, “I think it’s PR. But the kids are always good, it’s joy,” “Hope Ilya will make you happy,” wrote Kohno fans.

Until the girl told where and how she is going to celebrate the new year holidays. Apparently, Maria will celebrate the triumph in the company of a new partner.