Доктора Хауса наградили высшим рыцарским титулом
Hugh Laurie was in honourable company.

Hugh Laurie


As it became
you know, the New Year’s eve, Queen Elizabeth has honored 58-year-old Hugh Laurie, by his role as Dr. house in the eponymous TV series and Bertie Wooster in “Drowse and Wooster”, a great honor. He received from the hands of the monarch a Large chest the Knight’s Cross —
the highest mark of dignity of knight of the Order. The actor was also awarded the title of
Commander of the Order of the British Empire(CBE). Now he and his wife Jo green are fully entitled to
the official address of “sir” and “lady.” However, for Hugh, this is not news. He received
this right 10 years ago when the Queen first put it into the knights,
it is true then he was granted the title lower “category” is OBE.

at least, the actor said that he was very flattered by this honour. Moreover, Lori
was in good company: this year Elizabeth has awarded him with
the legendary “Beatle” — Ringo Starr and
drummer Bee Gees — Barry Gibb.

Hugh was awarded the highest award for their roles in theatre, film and
television. Meanwhile, fans of the actor believe it at all is very worthy
man. Recently, Lori has pleased its fans with its honesty and passion.
When he mistakenly sent someone else a package with children’s Christmas gifts, he
not too lazy to post the following message: “Dear(Aya) uncle or aunt,
mom or dad, I accidentally received your package. Back I did not accept,
but I wish you all well received. Here is a photo of two of the three gifts.
If you tell me what is the third item and indicate your
address immediately I will send it to you!” And attached to his letter the
they discovered two things.