Polina Gagarina is restored in the Maldives after the hospital

Полина Гагарина восстанавливается на Мальдивах после больницы The famous singer suffered an illness. Polina Gagarina was urgently hospitalized last week, doctors few days fought for her health. Fortunately, all the most terrible behind.

      Полина Гагарина восстанавливается на Мальдивах после больницы

      Polina Gagarina was seriously scared of his fans. Last week, the famous singer has canceled a number of performances. As it turned out, the star occurred health problems. She was urgently hospitalized. However, Pauline herself is not shared immediately with the details, she only gently hinted about it to the fans in his Instagram.

      “Want to go home! These two days are not the best, to put it mildly, but I know that everything happens for a reason. Take care of yourself always, be sensitive and attentive to yourself, because it depends on you too many people, and most importantly, you need your friends and loved ones,” wrote Gagarina.

      Of course, subscribers stars remained perplexed, and wished his darling take care of yourself too. Only now, being on the other side of the ocean, in the picturesque Maldives, Pauline decided to open the mystery of what happened to her. Apparently, frantic pace of life summed up Gagarin, and her body has failed. Fortunately, all the bad is behind us, and ahead of the singer and her family a wonderful stay in one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth.

      “Well, dear friends, as the saying goes finally I’m here! – has shared with fans of Pauline. And now began a full restoration after many tours and concerts and filming! And even after the strongest poisoning last Thursday, which I had to cancel several concerts. It came to the hospital, endless IVS. It’s all over now, and I can talk about it in the past tense, Thank God! Be careful to what you eat, what you drink, and just take care of yourself! It’s not just words! All good mood! Soon after Easter.”

      29-year-old star does not exclude that in the near future she may take a break in career. The fact that the family has long been trying to persuade her to become a mother for the second time. Eight-year-old son Andrew from his first marriage, asks her mother about the baby and the husband, a photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, absolutely agrees with him.

      “Of course, we dream about the new addition – and he wants, and Andrew is waiting for a brother or a sister, and he would need tomorrow. I was the only child in the family and would like for her son to another situation. So, maybe not soon, but soon enough it will happen”, – says Gagarin. – If it was not of Andrew, then, in spite of all employment, we would have dropped everything and worked on his appearance”.

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