Polina Gagarina is losing weight thanks to a friend

Полина Гагарина худеет благодаря подруге
The singer continues to struggle with excess weight.

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarina was faced with one of the most popular problems of losing weight girls. First the extra kilos always go away easily, as soon as you begin to exercise and do not eat after 6 PM. But the last two-three kilos usually do not want to “go.”

During the second pregnancy Gagarin gained 23 pounds. And the singer didn’t know. The star had a contract with the personal doctor not to talk about excess weight. During the mandatory weightings in the gynecologist’s office Pauline stood on the scales and closed my eyes. The doctor silently wrote down a figure in the map, not saying it aloud.

Immediately after birth, Gagarin earnest for himself. More precisely, a month after the doctor allowed the girl to play sports. The singer has hired a personal trainer who comes to her home several times a week. She tried to eat healthy, but couldn’t. What is frankly admitted to fans.

“The last three pounds tightly stuck in my body, — said Gagarin. And why? I ate, to put it mildly, not how I would like to… Workout only helped to pull the body, but not to reduce weight. Although the reliefs I had significant! And I called my good friend Marijke…”

The fact that Maria Kravtsova has her own business preparing and delivering healthy food. Gagarin explained to a friend my problem, and she made her personal program. Now every morning the driver brings Pauline boxes with a balanced diet for a day.

“Two days minus 600 grams and the cherished number on the scales 55,8! says a delighted Gagarin. — I’m on the right track to your ideal 53 kg!”