A suspect in the murder of his wife suing a show about psychics

Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах Roman Ksenofontov believes that members of popular mystical transmission slandered him. The man who starred in the TV show, intends to defend its interests. The story of cherepovchane told his lawyer, caused heated discussions on the Internet.
Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах

One of the heroes of a mystical show “the Psychics lead the investigation” has filed a lawsuit against the channel TNT and JSC “FMP Group”, which was engaged in filming. Cherepovchane Roman Ksenofontov claims that clairvoyants slandered him, practically accusing him of murdering his wife Christine, who disappeared in the summer of 2013.

To seek the assistance of psychics – Ziraddin Rzayev and Gazette Ahmetzhanova decided mother-in-law of the Novel Olga Leonova. The woman lost two children – a son Paul and a daughter Christine. The senior heir of cherepovchane died under mysterious circumstances in 2009. The police came to the conclusion that he committed suicide. Kristina Leonova disappeared after a quarrel with her husband Roman. The woman left in an unknown direction, and her husband became the Prime suspect. To try to understand the history, Olga decided to connect clairvoyants. Her son-in-law also took part in the filming.

Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах

In the broadcast transmission have also heard of psychics in every way, according to Roman Ksenofontova, hinting at his involvement in the disappearance of his wife, although direct accusations of cherepovchane not sounded. “Husband, with whom Christina lived. He has blood on his hands. He twice sat in prison,” said one of them. Clairvoyants also saw Roman hit the man with an axe on the head. In addition, members of the mystical project put forward the version that the crime scene was two men.

Ksenofontov argues that the release of a TV show has caused him considerable damages. After the program aired, the man lost his job and his daughter from his first marriage made fun of in school. That’s why Roman decided to go to court, says his lawyer, Alexander Chumakov. A few days ago, the lawyer published a story on the Internet. Post Chumakova made a lot of noise in the Network.

“Right, the viewer won’t tell you who the killer is, but easy to guess. Roman worked as a plumber, but the man was asked to resign after the broadcast, turned away from him are friends, his daughter from his first marriage, the school became subject to ridicule and threats by classmates, causing the girl is nervous developed anorexia, for new works, the novel was delayed only until the re-release of the show on the air…” – said journalists the lawyer.
Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах

Former hero of the TV show requires him to pay compensation of five million rubles, to remove this issue from the ether, and to publish a retraction. According to the lawyer of the men, employees of the project came to the Novel to find out all the details of his life and the details of the disappearance of his wife. The lawyer believes that the frankness one could play against him.

Representatives of the TV channel prefer to refrain from comments about the requirements of cherepovchan. The issue, in which the world war was the hero of the transmission is blocked on the Internet. The next meeting of the business men will take place on 9 October.

“We do not comment on the situation before the court decides”, – said the “StarHit” in a press-service TNT.
Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах

Meanwhile, Olga Leonova, former Tiffany Roman Ksenofontov, a different view of the incident. The woman has addressed to journalists with the request to give her story. She trusts the psychic and has no claims to the manufacturers of transmission.

“I can say that the shooting took place honestly. We did not overlap with psychics before shooting, and they couldn’t know the details, announced. I’m inclined to trust them. Especially Siradio. He’s a psychiatrist by education, smart, intelligent. Unfortunately, not all included in the program. Many of the words of the psychics were cut. As far as I know, the draft material was taken to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, as criminal proceedings have not closed,” said a woman two years ago.

Olga is determined to defend its position. “Until I see my daughter until they betray her land, I will seek. I will seek the truth about the murder of Paul. He is survived by two children, who I have to answer: what happened to their dad?” – said the woman.

Подозреваемый в убийстве жены судится с шоу об экстрасенсах

On materials of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “the Voice of Cherepovets”.