Полина Гагарина впервые заговорила о беременности During the recording of the final program “the Voice” the show’s host Dmitry Nagiyev hinted that the figure of the singer has changed markedly. The artist appreciated the joke men and there was nothing to deny, thus confirming the speculation of fans about the interesting position.

      During the recording of the show “the Voice” Polina Gagarina made it clear to the audience that is expecting her second child. When Dmitriy Nagiev appeared on stage after the speech, one of the artists, he invited the mentors of the project to Express their point of view. Turning to Gagarin, the presenter called it “good Bok”. It would seem that there is no connection between a woman and a character from tales about Carlson. However, apparently, Polina understood perfectly what was discussed. Gagarin did not argue with the words of the showman, but rather confirmed them. Polina Gagarina can no longer hide the pregnancy

      “If, Mr, by the phrase “Bok” you imply that I have become wider, something that can be done,” said the singer in the show “the Voice.”

      Thus, the actress confirmed the speculation that had arisen a few months ago. Not for the first time in the media there is information that Gagarin was pregnant and just six months plans to become a mother. None of the public speaking Pauline talked about an interesting open position. Her PR Director also tried to comment on this topic, but only said that the celebrity feels great and does not cancel the upcoming performance.

      Recently Polina Gagarina hang around at social events in free cut dresses that hide the shape of a star. However, she refuses to talk openly about the upcoming replenishment in the family.

      Recall that the mentor of “the Voice” has a son Andrew from his first marriage with actor Peter Kislov. Currently, Pauline is married to a secular photographer Dmitry Isakov.