Место силы: как звезды обустраивают свои кухни “StarHit” looked into one of the favorite parts of the house of celebrities. Here they draw inspiration, put culinary experiments, solve family issues, and just enjoy quiet evenings.

    Most celebrities – wealthy people who have the ability to build your house based on your preferences and comfort. As a result, every inhabitant of the star of Olympus is committed to embody in its interior its own unique style. “StarHit” looked into one of the favorite parts of each star accommodation – the kitchen.

    In the Soviet culture, it had sacred significance. There were discussed the important family issues were resolved disputes and build plans for the future. The kitchen was, no doubt, in the realm of women.

    For many stars of Russian show business it is this space of the house has the same special meaning as in childhood. This is a place that often gives inspiration, appetite and taste for life. “StarHit” gathered the most notable and exciting examples of interiors of stars, published in social networks by the owners themselves.

    Nikolay Baskov

    The main blonde of the country has always been known for its love of good food. But at the same time, Nicholas is the author of extremely tough nine-day diet that really complements the image of the singer of taste. Recently, Nicholas has placed in his Instagram video, which depicted how the Italian chef-a professional, an invited singer, prepares the lobster in mustard sauce.

    Kitchen artist feature very functional, and takes about 30 and divided in the middle “Ostrovo” with built-in convection oven. The tone of the interior a calm and strict. Dominated by bright colors and chromed metal that looks like the kitchen in an expensive restaurant, albeit, smaller scale. Such a situation demonstrates that the artist refers to this part of the house as simply and seriously, using the premises only for the purpose intended.

    The singer loves Italian food, the taste for which was promoted by his patron Montserrat Caballe, has repeatedly called Nicholas by his “musical son”.

    Oksana Samoilov

    Beloved popular rapper Dzhigan directly participated in the design of the kitchen. The bulk is made of wood, covered with acrylic warm tones. Walls and shelves were made of solid oak. The model prefers the European style interior, well-marked coffee-machine, where you set aside a separate table in the corner of the kitchen.

    According to rumors, the girl’s a good cook and copes with the responsibilities of “homemakers”. Preference Oksana gives Italian and Russian cuisine, trying to follow a healthy diet spouse and children.

    Daria Pynzar

    Kitchen stars of the reality show “House-2” Daria Pynzar decorated in the style of European minimalism, contrasting black and white tones at the same time. Materials dominate the stone, black glass and wood treated with acrylic. Daria often cooks, resorting to the most various methods, including slow cooker that fans could see in the background. A young mother bends to the South-European cuisine, preferring olive oil and a healthy diet.

    Ksenia Borodina

    Another star of “House-2” Ksenia Borodina tends to a French style of the late Baroque. Celebrity kitchen is decorated in warm colours. The main material in interior is oak, finished with lacquer and white enamel.

    Ksenia loves to grow some plants at home, which are then uses in the kitchen. In particular, the window is a Bush lemon. According to rumors, Borodin also grows tomatoes. Preferences in girls is very diverse, she loves French culinary school and has a weakness for Neapolitan.