Ирина Дубцова отметила праздник с экс-супругом The singer published in the microblog, which was a surprise to many of her fans. The actress chose to celebrate the New year in the company of ex-husband. Irina repeatedly stated that they have already settled all the conflicts with Roman.

      Irina Dubtsova held the first January night with his son Artem and the former husband, the soloist of group “PLAZMA” Roman Chernitsyn. The actress was happy to celebrate the New year in such company. She does not hide that feels warm, friendly feelings of the father of her heir. Immediately after the divorce with a male singer tried to do everything possible so that over time the musician was ready to go on contact.

      Ex-husband of Irina Dubtsova could not forgive her the divorce

      As it turned out, both the former wife pleased to meet and to spend family holidays together. Artem is glad when he can spend time with both parents. Irina does not hinder his fellowship with the father. Sometimes the novel takes the child to her for the weekend.

      Irina Dubtsova, posting some photos, left under one of them comment that led fans to different ideas. “Family holiday,” said Dubtsova on the page in the social network. Subscribers began to remember a time when the couple was together. There were those who asked Dubcova husband to forgive all wrongs and reunite with him, since they look great together.

      “Save the family, because it was built on love, and the son from the great love is born. Be happy!”, “Reunited, please! You are so cute when together, Wonderful couple and wonderful family. Was so many years together,” wrote some of the followers of the singer in the social network.

      Fans Dubtsova convinced that if women would be a strong desire, she’d forgive the Novel all that had taken place in the past and would be willing to build a new relationship with him. Many still think it strange that Chernitsyn managed to find the strength to deal with ex wife as a friend. For a long time the novel was experiencing after a divorce, only a year later he found the strength to forget all grudges.