Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему рано вышла из декрета For the time that the singer was divorced from his work, she managed to miss. Taking care of daughter MIA, Polina Gagarina wanted to return to the stage, to continue to delight fans. So celebrity did not make a long break in his career.

This spring, Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The singer gave her husband, the photographer Dmitry ishakova, a charming girl called MIA. Happy parents could not get enough of the emergence of a lovely daughter. After a couple of weeks after birth, the singer has already appeared on stage and delighted fans with a performance of all known hits.

Recently the actress gave an interview in which he explained why did not stay too long on maternity leave. In recognition of Polina Gagarina, it can not long be idle.

“I was resting during pregnancy. Last month it was used as last year. The days resemble one another, even this cloudy spring weather influenced the mood. I put on my huge down jacket – the only thing that fit, I went out to the Park and ran in circles. Because to go out to a restaurant or even somewhere was impossible – people immediately took out the phone and tried to take a picture. And to me, to put it mildly, this is not really wanted,” – said the singer.

The singer added that he did not know how much weight she had gained while waiting for the missus. The doctor did not specifically talk about this Pauline, so that she wasn’t worried. Only a month after the completion of the family, the artist familiarized himself with the testimony of weights.

As it turned out, the star had other experiences associated with the fact that her birth was delayed. According to the singer, MIA appeared later than the expected period of eleven days. However, all went well.

Immediately after the birth of a lovely daughter Polina Gagarina sat on a strict diet to regain form. According to the singer, she was eating explored by four to five times a day. Menu of the actress only consisted of low-calorie foods – broccoli, chicken and salad. The consumption of salt and sugar star decided to give up at all, and refills only preferred olive oil.

Thanks to a strict diet Gagarina managed to lose more than twenty pounds. In recognition of the celebrity, it is very important to start touring in the weight, where the singer feels most comfortable. In August at Pauline’s planned series of speeches and she says she’s missed work. “Of course, I’m primarily a mother, twice (although I still find that hard to believe). But I’m an actress and want her for as long as possible to remain”, – quotes the singer Glamour magazine.