Helen ward was Flying in the police station

Подопечная Елены Летучей оказалась в отделении полиции
The young host of “Revizorro. Children” are faced with violence.

Irina Wow

Photo: channel Friday

Leading “Revizorro. Children” Irina Wow was in office
police. That’s over shooting a new episode of the program in Dmitrov. The
the young star of the TV channel “Friday!” has recently taken on the responsibilities
fighter for quality of service, but has already managed to feel territoty selected

Rare check of children’s entertainment centers costs
no hassle staff with the crew. However, the reaction of employees
Dmitrovsky Park “Extreme” shocked young lead.

“For four hours we
carried out the survey, — said Irina. — Deputy Director
security, as we had the man appeared at the end. Seeing
camera, he called the guard, which literally pounced on our camera! One
knocked to the floor, the second has tried to snatch the camera and damaged the light
equipment. With such aggression I faced for the first time… We decided
immediately call the police and then go to the nearest branch below
write a letter to the staff under article “Hindrance
the lawful professional activities of journalists.” At present the investigation bodies being tested.