Игорь Матвиенко готовит премию для Ольги Бузовой The producer spoke about the vocal abilities of the celebrities. According to Igor Matviyenko, Olga is a very punchy girl, but she can’t sing. But, says a famous musical figure, this did not prevent her to conquer the hearts of millions of people.
Игорь Матвиенко готовит премию для Ольги Бузовой
Игорь Матвиенко готовит премию для Ольги Бузовой

For several decades, the famous producer Igor Matvienko, creates in the Russian show business, the most successful musical projects. In an interview with the composer asked his point of view on the work of Olga Buzova. Many figures of the modern pop haunted new singer. Presenter “House-2” is preparing a big solo program which will present this fall. According to Matvienko, a celebrity – quite a smart girl, so everything is rather successful in her career.

“It’s a phenomenon! I thought, “Naousa girls” remained in the 90s, but no: it appears Buzova, and judging by the posters, I saw her solo concert in Sochi. Olga did her brand, she really is not stupid, does everything right,” said Igor.

By the way, at the ceremony of the award “MUZ-TV” this year, Olga and failed to get the cherished plate in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”. The girl was very upset and even cried in front of thousands of fans. Then, many celebrities have supported Buzova. Maxim Galkin gave an assessment of the behavior of Olga Buzova on MUZ-TV

However, the work of Olga constantly being debated amongst pop stars. Recently, social media had a conflict after Svetlana Loboda spoke out against the fans Buzova. The singer of the hit “Little halves,” explained a colleague that it is wrong to judge the audience.

According to Matvienko, Buzova has merely created the image of a narrow-minded girl, and really keeps everything under control. As noted by the composer in an interview with “Interlocutor”, the artist is not entirely focused on how to succeed as a singer, as she has many other methods available to earn money and popularity.

“It is not particularly necessary. She’s leading “House-2”, it has a lot of followers on Instagram, well, plus sung songs, so they are still “gone”. Well, well! Of course, you have to go with concerts to collect money. I don’t think there will be some great future, but if I was given a prize in some music contest, it would have given her the “Discovery of the year”, – explained musical figure.