Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти Lena Miro is outraged by the behavior of Andrew Burdukov. A woman in a very sharp form commented on the publications of her husband Yulia Grigoryeva-Apolloboy on the Internet. Star blogosfere publicly reprimanded by a chosen relative of the artist.
Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти

Last Saturday died the sister of the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Julia Grigoriev-Apollo. A close relative of the singer died at home as a result of the asthma attack. The sudden departure of women from the life shocked everyone who knew her personally. Yulia has dedicated social media posts in which he expressed condolences to her relatives.

In Sochi said goodbye to the sister of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo

A few days after the sad events of the controversial blogger Lena Miro spoke about Yulia Grigoryeva-Apollonova. As it turned out, the Internet star was a very good opinion about the relative of the artist. Once women took part in the filming of the TV show.

Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти“Julia Grigoryeva-Appolonova I liked: nothing was built, were funny, didn’t try to win someone’s sympathy and thereby won my. Very sorry that it did not” – shared Lena.
Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти

According to Miro, it was struck by the reaction of Andrew Burdukov (after marriage – Grigoriev-Apollo), husband of deceased relatives of the singer. Upon learning of the death of his wife, he wrote a post, mentioning about his experiences in the sports hall in the centre of Moscow. Lena also withdrew himself from hashtags that the man was accompanied by a publication.

“Seriously?! You have a wife dies, and you’re running in “Instagram” and saw about this criminal, not forgetting to mention trenirovochka and put hashtags? And hashtags is, as I understand it, in order to gather more likes?.. Julia was 51 years old. Two years ago she married some guy, who took marriage registration her name loud,” said Miro.
Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти

Blogger remembered that the marriage of Andrei and Yulia wearing a white sundress. Later Burdukov wrote that the dress his lady is a creature known brand made “from the finest silk for some space for innovative technologies 2 € 800”.

Супруга сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова обвинили в «пиаре» на ее смерти“In Sochi +33 day… Synthetic with veil, to which, probably, used some, in our climate, and circle inappropriate,” added Burdukov.

The statement of the husband of Yulia Grigoryeva-Apollonova provoked accusations against him by Lena Miro. “At the time, Julia left me with the impression of a man who is not at all about the circle. She was, again, absolutely no boast, which, alas, cannot be said about her husband, gathering a bountiful harvest likes on her death in “Instagram” – says the star of the blogosphere.

Add that in addition to Lena Miro very good opinion about the relative of a member of the group “Ivanushki International” has also been a journalist Otar Kushanashvili. According to the man, his death shocked Julia. Recently, the entertainer said goodbye to Grigorieva-Apollonova and turned to her brother.

“Andrei, my, our, your, but, first, your Yulia went out, I sat in the car and cried, and remembered how on the road she stroked my stage clothes. At least these memories no one can take away. I already wrote to you that I was cold, hurt and scared. We’ll live to see when they meet only at funerals and memorials. (…) Julia, our girl slept very, very early. “The pain pereterpya, I breathe don’t stop”, and you and I are required to be at the height – for Julia, for my brother Romka for Olezhka Yakovlev,” wrote cusanelli in social networks.