Polina Gagarina amazed at the abilities of the baby

Полина Гагарина поражена способностями малышки The singer shared with fans the latest news from life. Polina Gagarina told about creative projects, nutrition after childbirth and what grows a little MIA. She noted that the girl grasps everything on the fly.
Полина Гагарина поражена способностями малышки

For a long time, Polina Gagarina and her husband – photographer Dmitry Iskhakov – hiding from fans waiting for a baby. They kept the interesting position of the actress and said followers only after childbirth popular blonde. Despite this, members were delighted to learn that the family of their pet Deposit. True, about how are the first weeks of life crumbs, a celebrity to tell was in no hurry. In a recent interview, she first talked about the development of her child.

“MIA, unlike my son really likes it when I sing. Recently there was a clip on TV and she froze and started at all the eyes. Children now are completely different. They are so fast, that I don’t understand how is that even possible. That is all the indicators that should be in a month or three months, we all already know. Even scary. We started talking, cooing in the second week. I thought I misheard,” admitted Gagarin.

Interestingly, many young mothers interested in the microblog Polina how she could so quickly regain form. However, the singer herself does not consider her figure ideal. He noted that even adheres to a strict diet last month and only eats chicken and broccoli no salt, and drink lots of water. Despite this, the blonde refuses performances. A young mother believes that it is important to be able to find time for family and career. According to Pauline, her twitching right eye, and at concerts she occasionally forgets the lyrics, but it gives her inconvenience.

Shape changes after birth do not prevent the star to appear in the video. Now the woman prepares to create a new video. “I am very expecting from your body great results. But while he said “Wait.” Weight is up, but since all want drama, I’ll plump in the clip, what to do,” said the artist.

Gagarin admitted that at first did not appreciate the song “no more Drama” is appreciated. It turned out that the song she was asked Lena Temnikova, did not impress Pauline. After several positive reviews from loved ones the blonde had a change of heart to the piece of music.

“Since the time before the birth was still hoo, I went to the Studio, he recorded this song, very calmly, without any expectations and emotions. Went with the family to relax in the Maldives, where we recorded the clip, otherwise relax and have fun. And I actually forgot about the existence of such songs. When he returned, I got the demo back, also did not understand. And just bitten elbows Lena and unexpected reaction my mom got me thinking. Then I showed the song to several people, and when everyone liked it, I realized that something was wrong,” said the singer in interview to the project “OK.”.