Curvy Semenovich in extreme mini caused a stir in the Network

Пышные формы Семенович в экстремальном мини вызвали переполох в Сети At a music festival in Astana, the singer performed in a revealing stage outfit that couldn’t hide all the advantages of her figure. During his speech, the artist presented both well-known songs and new creativity. The appearance of Anne created a furor in Kazakhstan.
Пышные формы Семенович в экстремальном мини вызвали переполох в Сети

June 1 in Astana, the biggest music festival in the open air. It was attended by many stars of show business, including Alexei Vorobyov, Max Barsky, “VIA Gra”, “Vintage”, ILO, Tatiana Tereshina, Gluk’oza, and many others. Thousands of residents of Kazakhstan gathered in the square in the city centre to see and hear your favorite artists.

One of the main stars of the event were singer Anna Semenovich. The artist who came on stage in extremely short outfit, made a splash in Astana. Celebrity pleased the audience by singing popular songs. The festival visitors were delighted by the speech, the mayor. The real surprise for fans of Anna became the new track “Wanna be with you”, which she introduced in Kazakhstan.

“I was very nervous before the release: how the public will accept even a little familiar song. But by the chorus I relaxed when I saw that you sang with me. Thank you, my dear. It was cool, the energy rocked us all in a fit of love,” shared the celebrity in his microblog.

Subscribers Sobyanin thanked her for the wonderful concert and found that it looks amazing. “Well done, happy for you”, “You are a miracle”, “the Admirer of your beauty and creativity”, “New song super, Bravo! Everything turned out fine”, “More hits you”, “I Love you and respect,” they wrote.

At the same time, some fans of Anna saw her rounded belly. In this regard, they started asking the actress if she plans to become a mother. Other fans Semenovich wrote a commentary that was welcoming her future baby. After reviewing the reaction of the subscribers, the singer has decided to clarify the situation. Anna answered questions from users of social networks to uncover the truth about her alleged pregnancy. “Not yet, but hopefully soon,” shared the star.

Previously Anna Semenovich has repeatedly hinted that plans to become a mother soon. The singer intends to prepare for this important event. In an interview Semenovich admitted that she dreams about the two heirs, one of whom may be receiving. In recognition of the star, she doesn’t need to marry to have children. The actress said that she is able to provide kids of their own. Anna Semenovich is thinking about adopting a child