Полина Гагарина сделала липосакцию щек

Phenomenal transformation Polina Gagarina not haunted its detractors. More than once in the Network discussed about how from chubby girls Pauline was a real beauty, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Not once Gagarin commented on my weight loss and said that it is the result only of hard work and proper nutrition.

Nevertheless, there are still people, even scientists and doctors who believe that Pauline used the services of a plastic surgeon and got rid…of the cheeks using a scalpel.

Photographer Vladimir Shirokov being a close friend of Pauline, admitted that she was unhappy with her face.

“She told me: “I want to go and cut the fat on the cheeks. I have a huge face”, — said Vladimir.

The probability that this may be true, confirmed by a plastic surgeon, compare new photos stars with pictures of three years ago.

Do you think Pauline really did liposuction of the cheeks?

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