Serebro soloist leaves the band due to a severe illness

Солистка Serebro покидает группу из-за тяжелого недуга

One of the participants of the group Serebro Daria Shashina for the first time openly talked about the disease with which she has to live every day.

His fans, the singer admitted, that in a short time it will have to endure several surgeries, and all because of the diagnosis, which sounds like — “Congenital dysplasia of the knee”.

As it turned out, about half a year ago, Daria noticed that it began to disturb her knee joints. Like many of us, Shashina did not attach the first bell due attention, but in vain. Later turning to the doctor, Daria was shocked by the diagnosis and advised to start preparing for operations, in addition forbade any piznarski on aching joints, until tog that it was impossible to climb stairs, etc.

“It is a congenital pathology of tissue formation. The disease began to progress due to permanent loads. Well, two weeks ago — torn meniscus in his right knee. Now I threaten as much as two operations. Now the main thing — the doctors strongly recommend to stop acting. In addition to snowboarding, yoga, I’m not allowed to simply climb stairs, run, squat and so on,” said Daria.

At the moment, the singer continues to consult with doctors and on the advice of producer Maxim Fadeeva sent MRI in one of the Israeli hospitals.

By the way, because of health problems, the producers of the group Serebro decided to terminate with Daria contract and now she leaves the group. According to the press, soon the producer centre of Maxim Fadeev will announce casting for the vacant role of a new soloist.

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