Drew Barrymore will play a realtor in the new Netflix series

Дрю Бэрримор сыграет риелтора в новом сериале Netflix

Can serials to displace film? it seems that soon it will happen. Recently there has been an interesting trend – more and more Hollywood celebrities wide meter prefer serial product. No exception is drew Barrymore.

It is learned through reliable sources, the star of “the Duplex” to star in the new series of channel Netflix called “SantaClarita Diet”. Barrymore in addition to his participation in the series confirmed Timothy Olyphant (“die hard 4”, “Ecstasy”).

The synopsis says that this couple is on the screen will play a married couple of realtors Joel and Sheila, who lead a boring and monotonous life in the suburbs of Los Angeles, up until the beautiful half of the couple doesn’t solve all change, and this change “sends the lives of both on the road of death and destruction, but in a positive sense”.

The series premiere is scheduled for 2017.

Do you think that will turn out a worthwhile product?

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