Polina Dibrova debuted on stage

Полина Диброва дебютировала на сцене Dibrov was delighted with the performances of his wife. Pauline danced a group dance, dressed in a very extravagant outfit. Rooms for the couple the presenter overcame a difficult path.

      Полина Диброва дебютировала на сцене

      Polina Dibrova fulfilled his lifelong dream. The wife of a famous TV host several months preparing for an important event in his life – first appearance on stage after giving birth. Finally she was able to demonstrate the result of many hours of training. The wife of Dmitry Dibrova shared with fans many photos from the performances in “Crocus city Hall” at the concert “death spiral”, where she performed a group dance in unusual outfits.

      Immediately after the concert Pauline thanked fans and expressed their emotions. “Special thanks for the support my family and my friends, #Pervyy. But, oddly enough, was no worry at all… Apparently, after the anniversary of when I came out in front of an audience of 5000 people, introducing the updated line of cosmetics, I have nothing to fear… then the legs really were jelly. Barely took away a ton of cosmetics and crawled to bed. Day was a shock,” wrote Dibrova on his page in Instagram.

      Полина Диброва дебютировала на сцене

      In addition, Pauline told me that she was insanely nice special attention from the wife on this important day for her, as well as genuine delight of the children who looked at my mother’s dance from the audience.

      “My husband is a miracle! Climbed over all the fences to give flowers. Specially flew in from Rostov directly from the airport to the concert – shared star. – The children sat the entire performance with my mouth open”.

      It is interesting that Pauline was on stage for a couple of minutes, but in order to do their room without any mistakes, she trained for several months. Dibrova regularly attended the gym to compete in the art of dance with members of the professional dance clubs. In the framework of the training she was doing stretching and warmed up the muscles, so as not to damage cords when performing difficult elements.

      Despite the fact that Polina is raising three children, she has quite enough time on your own hobby. Her husband Dmitry hired a staff of nannies and AU pair, so my wife could meet up with friends or to accompany a loved one on different social events. According to Dibrova, nothing is more damaging to family happiness as a wife, standing at the kitchen stove in a Bathrobe.

      We will remind that Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy together since 2009. The middle son Fyodor pair – two and a half, the eldest, Alexander, six and a half years old and the youngest Ilya in a month will be a year,

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