Полина Диброва похвасталась осиной талией The wife of Dmitry Dibrova keeps himself in shape. Polina serious dancing and even performed in front of a large audience. The wife of TV presenter markedly postrhinal thanks to a new hobby.

      Полина Диброва похвасталась осиной талией

      After the birth of a third child, Polina Dibrova took to restore the figure after childbirth. In may, little Ilya was a year old. During this time, the wife of Dmitry Dibrova succeeded in his endeavor. First she was on a diet and then became hard to exercise. Of all types of physical activity Pauline chose dancing.

      Dibrova went to classes at the Studio, show-ballet “Todes”. She is seriously fond of dancing. Pauline with such zeal started training, soon she was ready to go on stage and take part in his first reporting gig.

      Photos with the stars rehearsals cause her fans great excitement. So, one of them Dibrova captured in the profile. Wasp waist the wife of Dmitry Dibrova are unable to remain indifferent to its subscribers.

      “You are extraordinary”, “this woman has three children”, “an Example for many mothers, especially something’s always chewing, for example, for me”, “Great shape, great girl! And soul and body,” he admired them.

      Polina Dibrova debut

      We will remind, in may, the wife of Dmitry Dibrova shared with fans of many photos from the performances at the “Crocus city Hall” at the concert “Todes”, where she performed a group dance in unusual outfits. “Special thanks for the support my family and my friends, #Pervyy. But, oddly enough, I didn’t worry at all… Barely took away a ton of cosmetics and crawled to bed. The day was a shock,” wrote Paulina on his page in Instagram.

      In addition, Dibrova boasted that she was a very nice attention from the wife on this important day for her, and she appreciated the genuine delight of the children who looked at my mother’s dance from the audience. “My husband is a miracle! Climbed over all the fences, to deliver flowers. Came specially from Rostov directly from the airport to the concert, wrote the star. – The children sat the entire performance with my mouth open”.

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