Участники «Дома-2» стали донорами The stars of the TV project “Dom-2” for seven years, supports various socially important activities. Recently Andrei Cherkasov, Alexander Kharitonov and Elena Boss went to donate blood. However, donors could become only two: Sasha was not allowed to go to the procedure, since she recently got a tattoo.

      Участники «Дома-2» стали донорами

      The participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Andrei Cherkasov, Alexander Kharitonov and Elena Boss took part in the action on blood delivery. In world blood donor day, they visited the blood Centre of FMBA of Russia.

      The whole procedure of blood sampling for Andrei Cherkasov was familiar. Young people do not just voluntarily donated.

      “The donor I was a long time ago, while still in the army. Then I realized that it is very important. Before Christmas voluntarily went to Morozovskaya hospital to donate blood to the children. To help people and give them their blood is right. I advise everyone,” said the young man.

      Helen Boss, who is on the project “Dom-2” from the end of February this year, were conscious of the blood. “Participation in such promotions is very important. My mother participated in blood donation in Belgorod, so I’m not new. Somehow the first Association with the children,” said the girl.

      Alexander Kharitonov for the first time decided to participate as a donor. However, doctors were not allowed to donate blood. “This was my first experience of participating in this donation campaign, and not entirely successful. The fact that I recently got a tattoo, it turned out that after that the potential donor may not be allowed to donate blood for a whole year! I learned that in the center”, – said the participant of the project.

      Cherkasov decided not to take the money that gets each donor after the procedure, and donated them to charity.

      Over 7 years of participation in the campaign, timed to the world blood donor Day, the blood passed more than 300 participants “House-2”, and the supplies of blood and blood components has increased by more than 30 liters.

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