Анна Нетребко постройнела после свадьбы Fans of Opera diva noticed changes in her figure. Anna Netrebko is married to Yusif Eyvazov at the end of December last year. Recently, the pair traveled to St. Petersburg, where he met with friends and family.

      Анна Нетребко постройнела после свадьбы

      Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov inseparable. The couple works together and the free time too spend in the company of each other. Wedding Opera stars was held in December last year. Fans of Netrebko notice that ever since the appearance of Anna has undergone some changes. And it’s not just about the happy sparkle in the eyes of the singer. Opera diva, in the opinion of its subscribers in Instagram, markedly postroila.

      So, Netrebko has published a photo from the airport of St. Petersburg where she is with family and friends disperse to different corners of the globe. Fans appreciated the appearance of the singer, posing in skinny pants. “Slender has become such!”, “Pretty woman”, “Anna, you are such a talented and very positive! Health, luck and success,” wrote Anne followers on the microblog.

      It is worth noting that just a year ago, judging by the photos from “Instagram”, Netrebko had a few more impressive forms. Therefore, we can assume that marriage is very beneficial for Opera singer. By the way, earlier in an interview with reporters, Anna said that she is completely happy with their own figure.

      Анна Нетребко постройнела после свадьбы

      We will remind, Roman Netrebko and Aivazova started not so long ago, the stars met in February last year. Fateful meeting occurred in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe – Rome. Anna arrived in the Eternal city as a guest soloist on the title role in Puccini’s “Manon Lescaut” directed by Maestro Riccardo Muti.

      “I was in Rome with terrible reluctance to be there and with the unfamiliar party. But when he saw the partner growth of 1.83 meters and heard his pure Russian speech, warmed”, – told about his first impression of Yusif star in an interview. Most likely, in that moment, the singer could not imagine that the handsome brunette burning less than two years later would become her husband.

      “When she was found, managed in a short time become friends. Now don’t understand how they lived without each other before,” admitted to “StarHit” Eyvazov.

      Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov: luxury Austrian wedding. PHOTO

      Lush wedding celebration Netrebko and her partner planned to spend in an old Austrian Palace, Coburg, after which they moved to Liechtenstein. The Banquet was attended by over 170 guests, among whom were the stars of Opera and other arts, as well as many prominent politicians and businessmen.

      “In life there is white and black stripes. For me life is now snowy white,” said Netrebko, answering a question of journalists about a new stage in their lives.

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