Behind the scenes of “Kinotavr”: Dyuzhev relaxes, Grineva mastering the Segway

За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей “StarHit” you did what the stars do in between watching movies. Weather in Sochi is not happy with sun and warmth, but that’s not stopping Russian celebrities from entertainment on the air.

      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей

      The festival “Kinotavr” in full swing. The legendary Russian film festival of the country gathered in the resort city of Sochi the ” Beau Monde. Evaluate the work of the Directors was visited by many stars. On the red carpet of the past, such figures of cinema and show-business, as Tatiana lutaeva, Agnia Ditkovskite, Mikhail Efremov, Irina Khakamada, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anna Mikhalkova, Katherine Spitz, Svetlana Kamynina, Agniya Kuznetsova, Ilya Bachurin and others. In his free shows and press conferences time celebrities try to indulge in relaxation and enjoy the Spa atmosphere.

      Despite the fact that this year in Sochi it is not so hot, many stars relax on the beach and by the pool. Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife Tatiana depart daily to the beach, where they spend a few hours sunbathing and reading books. There you can see and Sergey Shakurov was with his wife and son, Lev Leshchenko, Victoria Tolstoganova.

      Most of the stars prefer the cool sea breeze relax at the pool.

      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей

      Agniya Kuznetsova and Maria Shalaeva, for example, bathing in warm water, had a photo session at the edge, taking each other cell. Both girls arrived on “Kinotavr” alone Shalaeva not long ago severed relations with her husband, composer Ivan Lubennikov, and the husband of Agnes couldn’t come to Sochi because of working abroad.

      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей

      Irina Grineva too bored without its second half. Maxim Shabalin, who arrived in Sochi, left his wife for work – every day he rides in the show “Carmen” in the Olympic Park. “Every day we talk on the phone, – said Grineva. – Ask: “When will I see you again?” And he explains that the morning rehearsal and the evening ice show… And to Sochi to go more than two hours. So you live”.

      In order to diversify leisure time at the festival, the actress decided to try a new means of transportation in Sochi – the Segway. After the briefing, Irina confidently drove along the embankment on a snow-white two-wheeled friend. “First time in my life embarked on such a thing,” said the actress. – Scary, but very interesting. Olympic Park on such a contraption, however, is unlikely to make the trip.”

      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей

      Unfortunately yesterday “Kinotavr” left Mikhail Efremov, leaving in Sochi under the supervision of the assistant to a 15-year-old daughter Anna-Maria.

      Mikhail Efremov staged a race through the hotel in a Bathrobe. VIDEO

      Children at the festival came many. Victoria Tolstoganova brought 5-year-old son Ivan, who most of the time at sea with her grandmother, Gosha Kutsenko – year-old daughter, Evgeny, Sergey Shakurov – 12-year-old son Marat, Alexander Nezlobin – three-year old daughter Linda.

      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей
      За кулисами «Кинотавра»: Дюжев релаксирует, Гринева осваивает сигвей

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