Police arrested the woman chasing the singer usher

Полиция задержала женщину, преследовавшую певца Ашера

Famous by usher is not the first time faced with the persecution of their fans. This time the incident took place in Atlanta. Some Darshell Jones so sick and tired from the singer that he was even able to get an injunction on the approach of this person to his stellar body, however, in love with his woman did not stop.

Полиция задержала женщину, преследовавшую певца Ашера

A few days ago, Jones caught Elena on the street and filmed it on your gadget from a distance, and eve broke down and began to approach the artist. It stopped on the approach to the artist. The woman claimed that she need just to hug him. Darcel stopped and handed over to the police. Now, her act will be considered a court.

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