Хлоя Морец показала новую татуировку

A few weeks ago, Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have realized that they cannot live without each other, so I decided to resume their relationship.

The paparazzi thought this news sensation, and therefore began to pursue novotrubnyj to take some interesting shots. One of these days the actress and the eldest son Chet Beckham appeared in a tattoo parlor in new York.

It would be logical to assume that teenagers went there not for the sake of interest.

Today it became clear that Chloe is a big fan of tattoos, has struck a body pattern (or rather the title).

His creation on the body of the actress boasted well-known tattoo artist John boy, who published a photo with Moretz in Instagram.

On the left side Chloe made an inscription with the name of his grandmother – Jeanette Duke. At the same place, the actress has another tattoo – the image of a blossoming rose.

By the way, during a recent visit to the John the actress was able to try yourself in the role of the tattoo artist. The fight in my account also published a short video that shows how Chloe decorates his arm with a special gun.

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