Poet Andrei Dementyev died after a long illness

Поэт Андрей Деменетьев умер после долгой болезни Earlier it was reported that the author was discharged from the hospital after prophylactic treatment. Soon, however, Dementieva again hospitalized in one of capital clinics with serious health problems.
Поэт Андрей Деменетьев умер после долгой болезни

After a long illness did not become famous writer Andrei Dementyev. Poet, songs in which verses repeatedly performed by Lyudmila Zykina and Sofia Rotaru, passed away today at the 1st City hospital in Moscow. According to Anna Pugach, the cause of death of the husband could be an infection, but details the woman did not.

Shortly before the media have reported that the 89-year-old man was urgently hospitalized due to health problems. However, if the spouse Dementieva has denied information about his poor health, stating that it was only a planned medical examination.

“It is sad and sad news. I think we are going to call each other with our friends, to remember him as a great man he was,” – said Leshchenko in an interview with reporters.

Composer Raimonds Pauls also took seriously the news of the death of the poet.

“I remember him very well. At the time, we did a few songs. I remember him as very intelligent, always with a good hairstyle, although today, of course, do not speak. I can only condole his relatives”, – said the composer.

Andrei Sakharov was one of the most famous Soviet poets of the second half of the twentieth century. The range of his work extended from the short stories of Mikhail Kalinin and texts to widely known lyrical songs of the Soviet era: “Alenka”, “Swan fidelity”, “Father’s house”, “the ballad of the mother”. Among his most famous poems, “do Not dare to forget teachers”, “to Be a man – not an easy thing.”

Poet developed in his works the ideals of romanticism, humanism and compassion. Poems of a writer translated into English, French, Portuguese, German, Hungarian and many other languages.

According to the materials of the TV channel REN TV. The stars of domestic show-business Express condolences online.

“Gone from the life of the great Soviet and Russian poet Andrei Dementiev. Nice, handsome, he could charm anyone with his smile, kind heart, love for life, for people… an Irreparable loss for the culture and history of our country! So close, so dear… Our Andrey Dementyev! You will live forever in your poems, songs in our hearts,” wrote singer Zara.

“Three weeks ago starred on the First channel, and this morning announced that he died Andrey Dementyev. Had the good fortune to sing in the Kremlin at his anniversary evening. Now the poet has left in his poems,” wrote humorist Alexander Oleshko.

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