Detained a top Manager of “Synergy”, to death brought down on the sidewalk a pregnant woman

Задержан топ-менеджер «Синергии», насмерть сбивший на тротуаре беременную девушку Second crash victim is still in intensive care. Natalia Lvova died under the wheels of the car, without regaining consciousness. Now doctors are fighting for life Barbara Boyko. Sitting behind the wheel of Michael Ishanovo charged.
Задержан топ-менеджер «Синергии», насмерть сбивший на тротуаре беременную девушку

A week ago, July 18, in Moscow, Upper maslivka street occurred dorozhno-transport incident – BMW driver knocked on the sidewalk two girls. One of them, Natalia Lvova, was nine months pregnant. Later the doctors reported that the unborn baby died immediately. For the life of Natalia a few days fought the doctors, but to save her failed, the girl died without regaining consciousness.

The perpetrator was detained, only today. It was them 31-year-old Michael Isahanov – teacher of the University “synergy”. On the day of the accident, the man refused medical survey. Now concerning the offender criminal case – he faces up to five years of imprisonment.

Задержан топ-менеджер «Синергии», насмерть сбивший на тротуаре беременную девушку

As it turned out, the culprit is not the first time neglect the rules of the road – for a year at Michael Isahanov accumulated 49 violations. That day on Maslovka he lost control of his car and at high speed crashed into pedestrians.

Lost to Natalya was only two weeks before the birth, she and her husband were expecting a girl. Lviv was coming after us, which immediately sent her husband Eugene. This was her last message.

“My darling, my love, you’re always with me in my heart, in my thoughts and dreams, I’m sorry I failed to protect you,” wrote Eugene.

Now the spouse of the deceased are appealing for witnesses after a terrible accident. He and the close family want to find justice and to put an end to this story.

“Friends, the inhabitants of the house 21 street Upper Maslovka and everyone who was in this tragic moment to the next, we need witnesses of the accident, to record with the DVR, cameras, please, respond,” wrote Eugene to the social network.

As reported by telegram-channel “Mash”, the perpetrator was charged under article “Causing of heavy harm to health”, but the close Natalia does not agree with the extent of the possible punishment.

“We do not agree with the prosecution that the little girl died Diana, which was to bring happiness to their appearance of parents in two weeks. We want Michael at least, accused of manslaughter,” one of her friends Natalia.

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