Подольская поздравила главного мужчину своей жизни Son of the singer and her husband exactly a year. Natalia Podolskaya has published a moving letter dedicated to his firstborn son Artemy. The baby was born last year, on the anniversary of the wedding of their parents.

      Подольская поздравила главного мужчину своей жизни

      On the fifth of June was truly a landmark day for the star of the family, singer Natalia Podolskaya and her husband, the famous musician Vladimir Presnyakov. In this day in 2010, they legalized their relationship, played a magnificent wedding, and after exactly five years, on the anniversary of marriage, came to light long-awaited first child of the couple. My son artists called Artemy.

      And now the baby is one year old. On this occasion, Natalia Podolskaya was published in the microblog touching post, calling the son of a man who just turned all her life.

      “Today at 6.41 am born the long-awaited beloved native boy smile, our son Artem Presnyakov – wrote the singer in the microblog. – He made everything as I wanted! He was born on the anniversary of our Vladimir Presnyakov Although the wedding was supposed to be born June 10. Was born and turned my life upside down! As in the song of Irina Dubtsova, now all thoughts only about him and about him. And it’s forever! Thank you for this! Health and happiness!”

      It is worth noting that for a whole year Justin Bieber tried to share with his fans joy and happiness, which filled them with Vladimir Presnyakov house with the appearance of Artemis. In the microblog singer appeared regularly photos of her son, which can be judged as growing and changing heir to the star couple. But it is known mommy tried to choose such angles that the shots could not see the face of a baby that did not detract from the interest of its subscriber the issue.

      Despite his tender age, Artemiy has managed to travel in the company of mom and dad. In winter, Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov with his son vacationing in the Alps, and during the may holidays, the whole family had a wonderful time in Israel.

      During this trip, Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were in Jerusalem, visited the famous Wailing Wall, which people ask about the secret. It is not excluded that the note between the stones of the Wall and put a star wife.

      It is known that the couple now longed for daughter. That they won’t stop at one son, and necessarily give birth to his sister, Natalia and Vladimir say almost every time, when you give an interview.

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