Футболист Андрей Ещенко скрывает скандальный развод The athlete left his wife two years ago after infidelity. A long time spouse Yeshchenko was hoping that they will be able to save the relationship, but he soon found a new love. That survived the ex-fiancee of player and what it led to-in, first-out “StarHit”.

      Футболист Андрей Ещенко скрывает скандальный развод

      The wife of Andrei Yeshchenko two years ago, has experienced the betrayal of a spouse. Environment pair was amazed, because 32-year-old defender of Moscow “Dynamo” and his wife Mary loved each other. The young people met several years before they married in 2006.

      In October 2013 was born their daughter, Alice. A year later, the athlete suddenly changed his beloved. The photograph of a footballer and girls, which he carried away, appeared in social networks and made a lot of noise. According to sources on the Internet, Eschenko still happily married. “StarHit” learned, what really ended the scandal.

      “Our relationship was not a month and a half after he went to Krasnodar to play for “Kuban”. We with Alice he left in Moscow, explaining that eight-month-old child is difficult to bear South hot sun. And besides, the alleged contract could result in the end of autumn, – says the “StarHit” Maria Yeshchenko. – Andrew flew in July, and in August I first noticed a disturbing change in his behavior during our telephone conversations. When he once again came home, I broke down and hacked into his phone. Probably to make sure that all it seemed to me, and calm down”.
      Футболист Андрей Ещенко скрывает скандальный развод

      But fears women have confirmed. Mary soon found out the truth, but this story took an unexpected turn. Eschenko contacted the woman who stole her beloved and tried to find out what really connects them.

      “I could not resist, called her. She did not hide anything, told it like it is. After I hung up, I realized that I do not know what to do next with this information, how to live with it. I loved Andrew, he was my family, and I never even thought that we might break up. We’re shortly before the second child was planned, and there is a betrayal, ” she recalls. – Andrew was furious. “It’s your own fault, there was nothing to dig and search, and now I have to think, do I want to be with you or not, since you already know everything”, – he told me when I confessed. The next day he left. And I was left. To wait.”

      Maria clutched at the hope like a drowning man at a straw. For a long time it is expected that the situation will change – her favorite would have to return to his family. But day after day it was becoming more difficult. Most of all, the confessions of the former wife of the famous footballer, she was afraid for her daughter. The woman realized that one day she will want to know why she and dad are not together.

      “It was very painful. Before I even could not imagine that such a pain exists. And the worst thing is that I had no idea when it will end and how to cope with it. It was hell. The sun was shining, thought black, admits ex-wife of an athlete. – Sometimes we talked on the phone. He said he no longer communicates with that woman. Offered to go on vacation in December, along with our friends, so we can establish our relationship. I believed. Many said: “Forget it! You take care of the baby! Where is your pride!”. Yes, I think that we should have done. But I valued our family. Could not imagine that my Alice will grow up without a dad. After all, she grew up in a single parent family so I know what it is. Thought: “What will I tell her when she ask about father?”. These thoughts are killing me”.
      Футболист Андрей Ещенко скрывает скандальный развод

      More months the woman spent in anticipation that her husband will come to their senses and return to his family.

      “Everything changed on October 31, Halloween. That day I accidentally in the feed of Instagram I came across a photo of Andrew. With her. With painted faces for the party. The second blow was stronger than the first, and I’m not worried, – says Maria. – “All this time he lied to me! Hope no more!”, – spun in my head. And I decided on a desperate step – he wrote about the woman in his microblog. Now I regret it, because they do not have rights to touch a already not my personal life. But then I was literally in the heat of passion resentment and anger. I was ready to forgive him for the betrayal, I was waiting for him, and he… I wish people just took pity on me, advised what to do next. I didn’t know how I would deal with it. Yes, now ashamed, but the other way I have not seen”.

      Футболист Андрей Ещенко скрывает скандальный развод

      Mary soon managed to get herself together and soberly assess the situation. In the relationship with her ex-husband was the final point is put. Now Mary is happy in a new relationship.

      “Now I understand that it’s not her fault. Treason to blame only the man. And women are just fighting for their happiness by any means. No matter, a married man or not, – says Maria, ” Subsequently, Andrew published his message in the Network, said that he could not forgive me of treason, so long wanted me to leave. Yes, the betrayal was! At the beginning of our relationship. I left him after two years of marriage. For my own reasons. Probably, in that moment it leaped my pride, which I lacked last time. But four months later I returned. I realized that I just can’t live without him. Love was stronger than pride. “When you love someone, it is possible to accept some defects”, I reasoned. He took me in. We lived together for six years, then decided to have a baby. And now… eight months after that, he suddenly remembered that he had long wanted me to leave. Where is the logic? Probably, his feelings gone, and I just didn’t notice. Besides, during pregnancy, I, like any woman, increasingly being fixated on myself, on baby. So maybe partly my fault”.

      Despite the betrayal of the man she loved, Maria was able to keep the father of her daughter friendships. First and foremost, for the sake of the child.

      “He still comes, spends a lot of time with her, which for me is very important. Thanks to his support we have need of nothing. Not every man after divorce being so worthy as he,” – said Maria.

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