Дарья Канануха прокомментировала финал «Холостяка» The finalist of the previous season of the popular program told, for someone sick, why she was interesting to watch the new editions of the show, and also shared his attitude to Alexey Vorobyov. Like many other viewers, his choice was Daria’s amazing.

      Дарья Канануха прокомментировала финал «Холостяка»

      The winner of the third season of “the Bachelor” Daria Kanawha expressed in his microblog on the topic of the finale of the fourth season of the show. It Alexey Vorobyov was left alone, and not being able to decide which girl he likes more than others.

      Why Alexei Vorobyov chose nobody on the show “the Bachelor”

      According to Daria Kaneohe, the latest release of the program was for her as a surprise. The girl was rooting for 22-year-old actress from Yakutsk to Jan Anosovo. In recognition of Daria, she reminded herself. “She seemed very sincere, open to the senses, something even reminded me on the project…”, — believes Kanawha.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Yana on Facebook: “We do not accidentally met with Alex”

      At the same time, the finalist of the previous season were not indifferent to the history of the 27-year-old Natalia Gorohovoj, who was raised in an orphanage. “Natasha’s story touched me, I think she’s just very cautious because of its difficult childhood”, — said Daria.

      The behavior of Alexey Vorobyov, according to Kaneohe, deserves admiration. In each series the singer kept himself loose and relaxed, did what he wanted, not paying attention to the opinions of others. Daria believes that Alex did a swell job with the upgrade project, making people constantly are in tension. Each of them was looking forward to a new release, it was like watching a film serial.

      “All the checks and the antics of Alex resembled an American TV series in which each series contains more action than the previous one. I was impressed with his directness and ability to do what he wants, unfortunately, is not given to everyone,” said Daria Kanawha.
      Дарья Канануха прокомментировала финал «Холостяка»

      The final decision Vorobyov, according to Daria, is commendable. He did not give false hope to the project’s participating and offer them a hand and heart.

      “Alex lives here and now, it deserves my respect. About his choice in the final. My mom said, “But it is fair to girls”. Agree. He knew that it would not build further relations with either one of them and didn’t give false hopes,” says Kanawha.

      The girl also admitted that she’s more interested in, how will the events develop after the end of the program, will there be fans to build a love triangle between Alex, Natalia and Jana. In addition, Daria quipped that the title of the winner of the project “the Bachelor” still left behind, because none of the participants of the last season of the program has not won.

      “I believe that Timur was a better bachelor, and grateful that it was in the third season. When there is nothing to compare, you know what Timur shore as we could,” said the girl.

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