Подольская и Пресняков показали подросшего сына The heir to the stars was a year and two months. Natalia Podolskaya has published a family photo from vacation, where she poses with Vladimir Presnyakov. A young mother holding a baby Artemia.

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov returned home from hot Spain. The couple returned to daily activities, however, they don’t forget about family milestones. So, Natalia told that today their with Vladimir son Artemy was a year and two months.

      For the star of the spouses is another reason to rejoice for the baby and to show the fans how much he’s grown over this period. Therefore Podolsky has published a new photo from vacation, which ended recently. On the photo Natalia holding a little son in her arms. Standing next to Vladimir, who tenderly embraces his wife.

      “Today we are 1.2! I wonder when I will stop counting the months?” – shared her joy with followers Podolsk in the caption to the photo.

      “My soon four years, and all still believe months after birth”, “well Done, really like you”, “you look lovely and cool”, “How Artem my boy has grown up, “the long-Awaited and beloved child from the beloved”, “Congratulations! Let it grow happy,” – wrote Natalia fans.

      Interestingly, it was during Spanish holidays Podolsk fans began to suspect that the star is in an interesting position. The speculation of the fans was caused not only by the previously made statements of Vladimir Presnyakov that he dreams about his daughter, but also the appearance of his wife. The fact that on vacation abroad, the actress chose to wear wide and voluminous dresses, long tunics cut free, and capes, visually adds a wasp waist star extra inches.

      Natalia Podolskaya showed a trim figure in a swimsuit

      Guesses subscribers Natalia about her pregnancy was denied by the representative of the singer. Anna Isaeva told the “StarHit” that at the moment Podolsky does not expect the addition to the family. However, fans of celebrities do not lose hope that in the future the artist will fulfill the dream of her husband.

      We will remind, Natalia and Vladimir several years waiting for that happy moment when they learned that going to be parents. Long time former member of “Factory of stars” could not get pregnant. To give the spouse an heir, Podolsky went to Israel via Holy places. Together with Natalia pilgrimage made her twin sister of Julian. By the way, in August she gave birth to twins — born girls were named Anastasia and Alexander.

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