Plus-size модель Эшли Грэхем обвинили в ложной полноте

The famous doughnut plus-size model Ashley Graham forced to verbally fend off the haters. Subscribers on the network have noticed that in the last picture of the famous buxom model looks too slim for its size and accused Ashley of manipulating with their weight. Supposedly it is specially recovered to draw attention to himself.

Plus-size модель Эшли Грэхем обвинили в ложной полноте

The most scandalous photos

Graham decided not to tolerate such accusations and answered all blog Lena Dunham.
“I am more than my size. My name is Ashley. Sixteen years ago my forms were the reason for manipulation, but now I will not allow this. My career success give me a voice.
I normally always respond well to criticism, but these accusations about the completeness knocked me the ground from under his feet. No, I haven’t lost weight this year. I – fit and I know how well it will turn at any angle. In fact, over the past three years, my weight only increased. At the same time I took their particular shape and try to preserve their health. Listen to all the advisers I’m not going to let each of us takes care of himself” — wrote Ashley.

Recall that recently the actress and stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson admitted that she intentionally gained weight in order to achieve popularity.

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