Через год Федор Бондарчук снова станет отцом

After the psychologist and astrologer to predict the fate Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk took the representative not less interesting profession as numerologist.

So, numerologist shared his thoughts about the duration of the novel, an actress and Director, and even told what kind of role in the lives of each other they will play.

The expert is sure that Paulina is a real treasure for men, because it brings all good fortune for your companion, including in the career plan.

“Paulina is the type of women who are half their luck. And the Pauline life — “lady Luck”, because the sign of Libra, under which she was born, fits all. If the woman — Libra appears in a man’s life, for the strong half of the climb starts in his career,” says numerologist.

To the question about which women are more suitable to a novel – an ex-wife, with whom he lived for 25 years or a young girl, numerolog answers unequivocally that the second.

Specifies that if a couple still wants to continue to build relationships, they should be more patient to each other, not to inflame the argument, if they can be stopped at an early stage. If pair manage to hold out until the end of this year together next year fate will give them a child.

“Next year will be to Paulina and Theodore complex. This is a test year, when the need to avoid conflict situations and learn patience. Bondarchuk and Andreeva impatient and jealous, so they need prepare for challenges. If there is no trust to each other, this beautiful couple could very quickly disperse. If Fedor and Pauline will be worthy of this period, 29 young friend may give the heir a novel”, — summed up the numerologist.

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