Plus-size Babkina from now and in the office

Plus-size от Бабкиной теперь и в офисе

This time the singer, the host of “Fashion verdict”, and more recently, the designer created a line of clothing for the office.

New collection from Babkina called “Office style: To work as a holiday”, as the first capsule line from the singer aimed at women from 48 to 62-th size. Enter into it not only stylish casual dress, but costumes and blouses that emphasize the dignity of obese women.

Things constructed already taking into account the peculiarities of the figures of women with a curvaceous. That is all that you want to hide, be hidden, and thus the fabric will not restrict movement, and beautiful Breasts and thighs are elegantly underlined. For example, shirts have an extra tuck on the chest or the elegant Basque waist, which makes the image more feminine, delicately hiding possible figure imperfections.

Skirts and dresses from the collection office of the singer is mainly trapezoidal style. As explained itself Babkina, the best way is when the skirt length above the knee, better on the hand or below mid-calf length and flared towards the bottom. Also in the capsule are a series of loose pants, elongated jackets without sleeves and what you fear many women with forms, the striped print! Nadezhda Georgievna says that it can not afford, if the strip on the fabric different.

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“Woman with a chic shapes should always be on top: both at work and at dinner with the partners, on a date, even if it happens right after working day! So I created a collection, all the images from which can be worn to work and on holiday,” says the singer.

Prices for the new collection, like last time, do not bite: from 4000 rubles for the dress, from 9,000 rubles for a suit.

By the way, for the summer Babkina already developing a new linico, which will include feminine sundresses.

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