Располневшую Мэрайю Кэрри с трудом смогли поднять два танцора
She clearly loses its shape.

Располневшую Мэрайю Кэрри с трудом смогли поднять два танцора

47-year-old Mariah Carey was severely disappointed
their fans. During his last speech, she is almost motionless
standing on the stage. And what was worse, the fans suspected the singer that her
the show took place under the “plywood”.

Mariah was engaged in the famous Casear Palace in
Las Vegas in 2015. Since then, she gave more than 50 concerts, which
until recently, has been quite successful. But during his last
show Cary unpleasantly surprised spectators. First, fans were shocked
noticing that the singer just opens his mouth in time to the music, and periodically
straying from the rhythm. And then she disgraced and part choreography. Mariah
virtually no attempts were made to dance on the stage. She almost stood on
place a couple of times feebly shaking hips. And when the time came spectacular support
conceived as the culmination of the show, two dancers, trying to raise a well-nourished singer, even bend under her weight, and only with great
barely able to lift her up…

The fact that Mariah noticeably
recovered, fans had noticed earlier. Of course, Carey hasn’t been skinny, but when she met millionaire Jomsom Packer, which
was going to get married, the singer still somehow kept myself under control. And after
last fall she broke up with him, Cary allowed himself to relax. After all, it
the current young boyfriend Bryan Tanaka —
willing to accept it for what it is…

Besides, in the near future Mariah not
have to worry too much about its shape — because of its engagement in
Las Vegas ends. And her next project is not associated with performances on the
stage. The fact that Cary will become a producer of the series about myself, more about how she started