Anna Sedokova sided Olga Buzova in its conflict with Svetlana Loboda

Анна Седокова встала на сторону Ольги Бузовой в ее конфликте со Светланой Лободой
The singer touching supported the colleague.

Anna Sedokova, Olga Buzova

Anna Sedokova, learning about how Olga Buzova hurt Svetlana Loboda,
stood up for the star of “House-2”, published on the Internet a touching message
for an aspiring singer.

“I remember when we first met, — says Anna. In
December I was pregnant but no one knows you’re skinny like a reed. I
clearly remember how you trembled when we took pictures. You said almost
the third day without sleep . The day before we were flying in an airplane, and you were already a little
another, but still never sleeping with painted tour schedule on
the year ahead. Bold and strong. We don’t know who you close. I don’t even have
your phone. But I don’t know how you cope with this hate around.
I read the comments just a few posts, and I was not myself.
Every second considers it necessary to discuss, to criticize… But every first
protect! You see, I go away! I want to tell you. I would love
so I loved this wonderful, kind, open and real as
your. I dote on her and are infinitely grateful to her for all her support, because
that passing through the hell of divorce and breakups, when you feel bad and your heart
in bandages, you open your eyes and see that one and alone. I do not want
to go further. But suddenly you realize that somewhere out there you are waiting for your people, find
the strength and go! Now everything will be fine!”

In response, Olga admitted that they are unable to hold back the tears. “I
became too sentimental — admitted Buzova. — Every kind word to
tears nice. Thanks to Anna’s huge!” We will remind, not so long ago Svetlana Loboda shared his opinion about
fans of Olga
Buzova. The singer believes that the audience Olga — people who once
to listen something different and consciously think. So they are content
simple compositions Buzova. The star did not remain silent and decided to protect their fans.