Располневшая Мэрайя Кэри вызвала недоумение поклонников The star does not hesitate to show a sexy shape. In recent times Mariah Carey has somewhat gained weight, in connection with her suspected pregnancy. The singer is in no hurry to comment on such speculation.
Располневшая Мэрайя Кэри вызвала недоумение поклонников

Recently, the figure of a 47-year-old singer Mariah Carey proviral heated debate on the Network. The performer, being the owner of magnificent forms, is not shy to show her figure in skimpy outfits. The star often takes the stage in a slinky sequined bodysuit and is not afraid of deep cuts. Recently Mariah has performed in Las Vegas. Concert celebrities provoked lively discussions on the Internet.

The photos and videos that became available to Western journalists, Cary, as always, dancing in a sexy costume. However, many reporters of the tabloids noticed that seductive Actresses is rounded out even more. Fans of celebrity debating, whether her changes in appearance. Some fans of Mariah think that she should urgently go on a diet. According to unconfirmed official information released in the press, the singer’s weight increased to 120 pounds.

Располневшая Мэрайя Кэри вызвала недоумение поклонников

At the same time, other fans, Carey suggested that she is beautiful at any weight, and Express admiration for a celebrity voice. They write the star compliments in social networks. “Queen”, “Gorgeous”, “Wonderful”, “Diva”, “Pet”, “Incomparable”, – such comments leave followers “Instagram” Mariah.

Располневшая Мэрайя Кэри вызвала недоумение поклонников

Of course, some representatives of the Western tabloids could not put forward their version of why the singer was somewhat rounded. According to them, Mariah Carey is in an interesting position. Called and alleged father of the child stars. Recently, the actress was back with her boyfriend – dancer Bryan Tanaka. However how true is the speculation about the pregnancy celebrity, we can only guess. She Mariah prefers not to comment on the information that is being discussed in the press.

By the way, the recent performance of Mariah Carey in Las Vegas is not left without attention of producer Maxim Fadeev. Figure of show business posted on Instagram a snippet of the rooms the stars and shared his thoughts on the matter.

“Mariah today. At the time I left the stage, because it is very complexed because of its completeness. Maybe I should not have partied? There’s a girl in General, not complex and carefully moves across the stage. I understand why,” said Fadeev.

Publishing producer caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. Followers men were divided into two camps. While some Internet users wrote that the singer – gorgeous and delicious woman who looks great for her age, while others allowed themselves to criticism in its address.