Семья Честера Беннингтона из Linkin Park не хочет публичных похорон

Family vocalist of the iconic rock band Linkin Park Chester Bennington refused a public funeral. Relatives expect that the farewell ceremony for the frontman to be held in the circle of family and friends. Moreover, until now not selected the place of burial of Bennington.

Native of Chester Bennington intend to hold a closed funeral. The funeral service will be admitted to the chosen relatives and friends. Unfortunately, a popular singer, an idol of several generations of fans to say goodbye will not work. The family is strongly opposed to let the fans to the funeral.
It’s been a week since the death of Chester, and relatives have not decided on burial. Originally planned to bury the Bennington on the famous Hollywood cemetery Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Tomb of the singer was supposed to be near the grave of his friend, singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornell, who committed suicide in may 2017 and whose death Bennington so grieved. However, the family is the frontman of Linkin Park didn’t want him to leave in such a public place. They worry that there is too much flow of people and everyone will stare at the resting place of Chester.
Recall, 20 July, 41-year-old Chester Bennington has committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles (California). The legendary singer was exactly repeated the suicide of a close friend of Chris Cornell. Chester committed suicide that day, when Chris was to celebrate his birthday.
Body star found the housekeeper. Next to the gallows Bennington found an unfinished bottle of alcohol, traces of drugs in his blood is not detected. Previously, the singer was in the house alone, his family left for the city. The musician left without a word, leaving a suicide note.
The frontman of the band Linkin Park, there are six children from two marriages – four relatives and two adopted.