Дарья Мельникова растит из ребенка настоящего мужчину A young woman dreams that the heir gave her a neck massage and brewed in the morning, strong coffee. And yet she protects him from injuries and from prying eyes. Darya Melnikova is still not showed fans the face of his son.

25-year-old star of the TV series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova does not like to dwell on the personal life and conceals everything that happens in her family. In 2013, the girl secretly married the actor Arthur Smoljaninova. A couple of years young people have become parents for the first time. The boy this year will be 2 years, but fans of artists never saw a child’s face. Moreover, the couple hide and the name of the heir.

“I don’t want many years later the son showed me: “Why did you put me with those cheeks and diathesis?!” Grow up, he will get “Instagram” and will decide what to publish and what not” – says Daria reporters.

A young mother admits that she wants to grow up from baby to a real man. Daria dreams that the child has learned to do massages and cook her Breakfast in bed. And while the actress just ensures that the heir didn’t eat sand and less fell.

Motherhood, the recognition of the stars, brought her happiness and peace of mind. From communicating with her son, she gets great pleasure. According to Daria, baby teaches her new things, including not to sweat the small stuff. By the way, you dive in a full-fledged actress could not yet, but sometimes allows himself to leave the heir with grandparents or nannies to do the filming.

Recall that Daria Melnikova became famous thanks to the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. Tape brought the girl a huge popularity. On account of the young artist for about 25 roles in various movies. By the way, on the H. K. actress met her future husband. First, a few had only a working and friendly relationship, but later they grew into something more. Artur Smolyaninov 8 years older than his wife.

It is worth noting that the career of the actor after the birth of a child went up the hill. In 2014, he starred in four films. Now the husband of Daria’s work in the Sovremennik theatre and continues to receive job offers.

Despite the busy wife, Daria admits that she wants a big family. “It’s when you’re sleeping till noon and your kids are busy with morning coffee and for your revival they’ve done studies and wet cleaning in the apartment. Kidding. Without lessons,” said the actress to the magazine Woman.ru.