Бывшая невеста Николая Баскова встретила новую любовь Sophie kalchevaya hinted that he is happy with another man. After breaking up with Nikolai Baskov Sophie tried not to communicate with journalists, but at the festival “Heat” she was forced to reveal some secrets of his personal life.

About two weeks ago, fans of Nikolai Baskov was shocked by the news that the singer decided to tie the knot with Victoria Lopyreva. The man made an offer hands and hearts striking blonde, in the presence of Ramzan Kadyrov at the reception in Grozny. Apparently, the wedding will be held there this fall.

Microblogging Sophie Kalcheva with which Nicholas had met a few years, captivated the comments of concerned fans. They began to worry and worry for her. However, the singer tried to Dodge questions on the subject. The girl was focused on the preparation for the festival, “Heat,” which is being held in Baku.

On the eve of Kalcheva shone on the red carpet in a luxurious yellow dress an asymmetrical cut. Outfit effectively emphasized her trim figure. The girl looked happy and willingly posed for photographers. In an interview with reporters Sophie confessed her crush on a new man.

“In my life there is a man who has long loved me, but I didn’t reciprocate until recently. Now Nicholas is getting married, and I’m starting a new life with another man, I found everything I was looking for. Just want to mention that Kolya had a very happy relationship for three years, but to get along together does not work,” said the singer.

Recall that Sophie and Nicholas periodically lived in two houses, and not going to the Registrar, explaining that they are satisfied with this routine. The lovers are believed that can predict every action each other, and also feel when a loved one is bad. Kalcheva supported the singer during a difficult period. Recently, the artist was actively losing weight, using one of the latest techniques. Experts have recommended him based on peptides. Nikolai Baskov: “my beloved pass this test together”

However, Sophie knew that he wanted to meet the man who has nothing to do with the world of music and cinema. “We’re two plus two creative person, and I always wanted to be with a man whose life is not connected with show business,” said Sophie “Wday.ru”.