Эмма Уотсон собралась замуж
The actress will go down the aisle for the first time.

Emma Watson with her fiancé William knight


27-year-old actress Emma Watson, famous in his
time performance as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter”, I decided, finally,
to become a married lady! She plans to get married this year and
started, along with her fiancé William knight, planning
ceremony. The lovers are discussing,
one of my friends and family to invite to the wedding, and where better to arrange it in Los Angeles or in London… this was told by one of the friends actress.

Emma and William have been Dating for more than two years, however, in public they appear together very rarely. When some time
ago, the actress was asked why she hides from everyone his favorite, that
said, “I’m not going to involve your boyfriend in this public
circus. No matter how they say that you can have a normal relationship, being
celebrity my scale, and not to hide in this personal life — I will not believe.
No one can sustain such a crazy house…” And explained that knight, a graduate of
Princeton University, far from showbiz and doesn’t like to attract
unwanted attention.

This spring steel
to spread persistent rumors about the engagement of the actress and her beloved. And, as
claimed, Emma decided not to wait, when the knight will stand in front of her
one knee and asks you to join her fate with his, and did it myself! What
however, not too surprised everyone who knows Watson, because she is
a staunch feminist. Actress time and again
said that he considered humiliating for women custom is to wait patiently
while the man will give her his proposal. Emma believes that it is fundamentally
wrong and it’s time to end this “medieval” in its opinion,