Пинк с дочкой попала в безвыходное положение
The singer was able to “save face” in a difficult situation.

Пинк с дочкой попала в безвыходное положение



Recently Pink was in an unfortunate situation
which she called a “desperate situation”. The singer, along with her daughter
stuck in the Elevator and was almost late for a very important concert.

Pink, which in December last year gave birth to son,jameson,
for more than four years have not acted on the stage. She decided to take a break
in his career, to devote time to their children — son and daughter willow. And here
now 37-year-old singer decided that it was time to return to the stage. And I had this
happen that just before the first after the break with a concert of Pink stuck
in the Elevator, and so long that only a miracle had on the show.

But the most unpleasant in this story was that
she got stuck in the lift not one, but six-year-old daughter. The first time after
stop the Elevator between floors, both remained calm. However, as time went on, Pink
and willow was sitting on the floor of the Elevator waiting for the moment when they will be released, but the help
was late. “It’s getting hot! And stuffy! Help!” — this text
sent the singer with his phone, which, fortunately, has not stopped working
in “metal box” of lift. Pink have made every effort to
to calm her daughter and not to show that she is scared. Fortunately, she succeeded.
“We got out of there, finally!” — happily reported Pink, when all

By the way, Pink is not in vain tried so hard to “save
face” in a difficult situation in the presence of my daughter. The fact that as
recently lamented Pink, willow is very
skeptical mother. It already
repeatedly told the singer that she did not like her voice. And recently
reported that finds the makeup is Pink and her clothes too
extravagant… However, singer does not take offense at the girl. She believes that
really, willow just jealous mother
little brother and eventually it will pass.

Pink with daughter willow and husband