Звезда шоу «Орел и Решка» прокатилась по Берлину на кровати
TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva fun in Europe.

Nastya Ivleva

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

Leading popular travel project Ivlievu Anastasia drew
an unusual excursion, allowing tourists to explore the city, moving
in beds on wheels.

Several years later, the program “heads and Tails” of the channel
“Friday!” returned to the capital of Germany
with the new season of “Rebooting. Once in the city with a gold card, leading
show Anastasia Ivlieva, chose an unusual leisure – travel in Berlin
a real double bed. Such an extraordinary way to travel
called “Horizontal Berlin” and allows tourists to explore the city under
unusual angles – lying down. Interestingly, driving the bed is a
guided cyclist who pedals hard while relaxed
a traveler admires the city.

So, doing the sights of Berlin lying in
the bed is equipped with mattress, duvet and pillows, the host of “Friday!”
attracted the attention of the surprised passers-by. The girl not only walked
with confused looks, but also photographed on the phone. However, leading not
embarrassed of their situation, continued to enjoy an extraordinary tour.