Андрей Бедняков показал подросшую дочку
TV presenter and showman families in Spain.

An hour digging in the sand, but never found any ? no?….hmm… strange people these Spaniards….#hispanicamericans

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On the screen Andrey Bednyakov seems to be the most open in the world
man, but on the other side of the camera is almost never shares details of his
personal life. However, during the vacation, the actor and TV host spent in the sun
Spain with his wife Cindy Short, he unexpectedly for fans did
exception. Andrew shared with them a photo of my little daughter Kseniya (in the autumn of her
will be 2 years). In the picture the girl depicted on the beach in Catalonia, around
toys and shovels, and under the photo — “signature” the signature of her famous dad: “A
searched for an hour in the sand *** (waste products) and cigarette butts, not found,
nor the other. What kind of people the Spaniards?..” Subscribers to the star of the show “heads and Tails”
noted that She is quite large, the girl is growing by leaps and bounds.

On the Mediterranean sea
Poor and Short with my daughter spent about a week. Yesterday work schedule Andrew
forced them to return home. “Enough rest! Fly to work! Time money
to earn a living.” — said Nastya and
blurted out on lobster, caviar, î jokes the actor. —
It’s time to feed the family. Forward! To work!”

Recall that the family that feeds the Poor is delicious and from the heart,
came to light in September 2014. Parents Andrew and Anastasia steel in the fall
2015th. The happy event occurred in
American clinic — Short, which, incidentally, was also the leading “eagle and
Tails”, gave birth in Miami, which departed a few weeks before the birth.

Andrey Bedniakov with his wife Anastasia Short

Photo: Instagram