Джина Лоллобриджида ознаменовала свое 90-летие скандальным судебным иском
Anniversary most beautiful woman in the world was not too joyful.

Джина Лоллобриджида ознаменовала свое 90-летие скандальным судебным иском

Gina Lollobrigida

Photo: Oleg Buldakov /ITAR-TASS

Gina Lollobrigida and Javier Rigau


A living legend of cinema, the actress once called “the most
beautiful woman in the world” is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Gina
Lollobrigida, winner of numerous film awards, a career which
occurred in 1950-60-ies, time for his life to appear in almost seventy
movies and TV shows. Her partners were such titans as Errol Flynn, Humphrey
Bogart, Ben Lancaster, Anthony Quinn, Tony Curtis…

Unfortunately, the jubilee year
great actress, once competed with Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale,
was it not too good. Instead of quietly
to prepare for the celebration, it is a lot of time spent sitting in a stuffy
courtrooms and reading endless documents.

The trial against the Spanish Gina
businessman Javier, Rigau ran for several years. And this year, in the case
Lollobrigida, finally, the decision was made. But it was, alas, adverse
Gina. The court declared her marriage with Rigou, which she refused to acknowledge, it is

This story was produced in
Italy a huge scandal. The fact that sudivshegosya parties provided
two completely different versions of events. Gina claimed that she faced
marriage scams, fraudulently attempted to assign her as that
value more than $ 20 million. The actress said that Javier,
which she, allegedly, had not even been having sex, have used
power of attorney issued to him with quite a different purpose, to execute with
her marriage — in the absence of a Lollobrigida. As told to the actress, she might not
to learn about what became “the wife”, Rigau, if not read about it accidentally in
… Gina had no doubt: this “marriage” Javier concluded with a single
the goal is to assign all rights to Lollobrigida money after her death. And
if you consider that Rigau by as much as 34 years younger than the actress, he was quite
a real chance to survive.

As for Rigau, it
the lawyer presented a proper paper with a personal signature
actress. And put them in a lot of photos confirming the fact that his
the client was Gina’s boyfriend. Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Javier
who was declared the lawful spouse of the actress! However, as stated Lollabrigida,
she’s not going to give up, and currently, with the help of his team
lawyers, in full swing preparing all the papers
in order to appeal.